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  • Spiritus House 8 Howe St., West Wing 3rd Floor, Freetown, Sierra Leone

We create local jobs to sustain health care access programs in our communities.

Our employees and volunteers are our best asset. As such, we endeavor to provide our employees with a safe, supportive work environment where their professional and personal progress is recognized. Our team is led by highly experienced healthcare professionals with local and international experience, who understand and respect our culture, and health care challenges. Our team consist of doctors, nurses, laboratory technicians, pharmacy technicians and community health workers.

More than 80 percent of our outreach team members are from the communities where they work. The team works hard to meet the regional, national and community health care goals that improves quality of live and reduce poverty.

St. Hildegard Community Health Workers

Our outreach programs, led by our community health workers, have integrated resources from St. Hildegard Holistic approach to health and wellbeing, global community health care organizations like MHP Salud with over 35 years of experience, to ensure our training and care delivery team members have the knowledge, resources, and tools to provide the high-quality care we demand.

MHP Salud community health worker program have found that the purposeful integration of Community Health Workers at both the grassroots and health systems levels leads to more complete care and better health outcomes. With a growing focus in the healthcare field on community-based solutions, improved quality of care, and an emphasis on preventive care and population health, as well as a shift toward value-based payment systems.