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Girl taking syrup medicineThe best cure is always prevention. However, for the people of Sierra Leone, they do not have access to the basic healthcare products, supplies, and services that can help them maintain a healthy lifestyle. This can lead to many people falling ill to diseases that could have either been easily prevented or even treated. But due to the lack of medical care in the country, many individuals have no choice but to suffer.

Through preventive care, routine checkups, and access to services, many illnesses and deaths can be prevented. We are committed to ensuring that we Sierra Leoneans, have convenient access to quality care we deserve. We provide numerous preventive care services such as:

  • Routine Health Screening

    You cannot treat something you do not know you have. Through our routine health screening services, we are able to check on the health of our patients on a regular basis. This is to keep us and the patients informed on the condition of their health. This information can be used to boost numerous aspects of the health to avoid illness and can detect diseases early for more effective treatment.

    This screening can help us tailor unique treatments for each patient. These treatments are used to boost the nutrition of the patient, in order to improve their immune system and many other aspects of their lives.

  • Health Education – Health Fairs

    Many people in Sierra Leone are not educated on matters of health. For this reason, we organize health fairs and health education programs. Through these services, we can provide education on all matters regarding health such as prevention, treatments, and diagnosis. By educating the people of Sierra Leone, we can help them improve their odds of combating and avoiding diseases.

    This education can also spread health awareness throughout the country, which will make it easier for people to find the help they need when they are looking for medical assistance. This awareness can help save lives and make a huge difference within Sierra Leone.

  • Community Health Education

    Education plays a key role in the prevention of disease and illness. By visiting the different communities throughout Sierra Leone, we are able to educate the population regarding their health and what they need to do in order to stay healthy. Our education also includes ways to treat conditions, how to avoid illness, and how to diagnose certain kinds of diseases.

    With this, we aim to help the people of Sierra Leone learn more about their health and how they can improve and maintain it. By visiting each of their communities, we are committed to spreading health awareness throughout the nation.

We are always looking for people who are willing to lend a helping hand. We need volunteers, donors, medical professionals, and anyone who wants to make a difference. If you are interested in helping us save lives, please give us a call at +232(0)77-509257 / +232(0)79-369818.