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  • Phone: +232(0)77-509257 | +232(0)79-369818
  • Spiritus House 8 Howe St., West Wing 3rd Floor, Freetown, Sierra Leone

Parene Healthcare has outreach programs such as:

  • Radio Programs and Advertisement
  • Public Health Screening and Fairs for Direct Intake
  • Direct Contact with Employers
  • Monthly Booths at Strategic Locations
  • Banks and Microfinance Institutions
  • Hospital and Clinic Access Points
  • NGO’s to Sponsor or Subsidize Coverage
  • Religious Groups, Local Community Groups and Trade Associations

Also, here is a glimpse into our clinic construction:

construction plan
clinic construction
construction plan
construction plan

Learn more about our latest projects by calling us at +232(0)77-509257 / +232(0)79-369818.