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Welcome to Parene Healthcare

Parene Healthcare aims to improve access to comprehensive, quality healthcare services. By doing so, we aim to help in the prevention and management of disease; reduce unnecessary disability and premature death; promote and maintain healthy lifestyles; and achieve health equity to the residents of Sierra Leone. Interested to know more about what we do? Please continue browsing our website for additional information. If you need further assistance, contact us at +232(0)77-509257 / +232(0)79-369818.

Who we are

Parene Healthcare was founded in 2012 by a Sierra Leonean healthcare quality improvement and health information management professional, who returned to Sierra Leone after the civil war to bring the skills she has acquired during her stay in the United States where she escaped after her vehicle fell in a deadly ambush during the Sierra Leone rebel war. She is leading the team that is committed to providing basic access to healthcare for all Sierra Leoneans.

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End Childhood Malnutrition

We are working with local and international partners to implement and support advocacy and interventions to contribute to the efforts to end childhood malnutrition and hunger in our country. Find out how you can help today.

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Latest Projects

Parene Healthcare has various projects in the works. Learn more about them today.

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